Word Mapping Bundle

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Want your child to learn words and phonics skills fast? You NEED word mapping!

Brain scans show we connect three parts of our brains while reading: sounds, letters and meaning. These word mapping worksheets facilitate word learning in the MOST brain-friendly way.

With these worksheets, your child will map words by matching sounds (phonemes) to symbols (graphemes aka the letters). But to make the words really stick? Your child needs the meaning and the pictures provide that!

Your child will map by:

  1. Saying the picture name.
  2. Tapping the sound dots.
  3. Mapping the letter/letters that spells each sound.
  4. Writing the word.

This Word Mapping Bundle has the most important phonics skills your child needs. It has over 200 pages of worksheets to help your child be a proficient reader and writer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my child do this independently?

For best results: be prepared to do these with your child. They need to hear the picture name said aloud to develop phonemic awareness - the cornerstone for reading.

Your child will also need help identifying most of the pictures. Even easy-to-sound-out words like "tin" and "gap" will be new vocabulary for many children.

Q: I wasn't taught this way! How do I know how to map the words correctly?

There are answer keys included for every page! This also helps when you can't tell what the picture is.

Q: Are these easy to use? I'm not a teacher!

Listen, most teachers are learning this, too! Yes, it's easy.

If you can tell your child what the picture represents, you're already halfway there.

Q: What grade is this for?

These worksheets will work for children from kindergarten through 2nd grade (5 - 8 years old). My 10 year old is currently working on the vowel team worksheets. So your older child might benefit from them, too.

Important to Note

For personal home use or one individual classroom only. Digital download in a zip file. Right click on both PC and Mac to unzip and extract the files.