Blends Word Mapping Worksheets - Beginning Blends and Ending Blends

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Beginning and ending blends can be tricky for children. The two consonants represent different sounds but they are pronounced in a way that can make them harder to hear! So practice is important.

Children will understand how to segment, or separate, blends with these no-prep word mapping worksheets. They will help your child hear each sound in consonant blends as they tap each individual sound. Plus, they take the guesswork out of implementing phonemic awareness with phonics when you teach your child.

Parents didn't learn how to read and to spell this way so there is an answer key for each page!

They are an easy and no-prep way to incorporate the science of reading into your literacy practice. Mapping words from sounds (phonemes) to symbols (graphemes) is the most efficient way to teach children to read and spell. 

Your child will map words with blends by:

  • Saying the picture name.
  • Tapping the 3-5 sounds.
  • Mapping the letter or letters that spell each sound.
  • Writing the word.

This is part of the WORD MAPPING BUNDLE. Save big with this resource.

This is how the blends are arranged in this resource:

  • bl, cl, fl, pl, sl (5 pages)
  • br, cr, dr, fr, pr, gr, tr (6 pages)
  • sc, sm, sk, sp, sn, st, sw (4 pages)
  • beginning blends with bossy r (1 page)
  • beginning blends with silent e (1 page)
  • beginning blends mixed review ( 1 page)
  • mixed l ending blends (1 page)
  • ld, lf, lk, lt ending blends (3 pages)
  • mp, nd, nt ending blends (3 pages)
  • sk, st ending blends (2 pages)
  • ft ending blend (1 page)
  • ending blends mixed review (2 pages)

 These worksheets are best used in a teacher-led lesson. Some of the pictures are a bit trickier plus it is most effective if you say the words aloud for your students to hear.

This resource includes:

  • 24 pages of individual beginning and ending blends
  • 6 pages of mixed review
  • 30 pages of answer keys