Digraph Word Mapping Worksheets

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Digraphs can be really confusing for children. Two letters can spell one sound?!

So make it concrete for your child with these simple digraphs word mapping worksheets are an easy and no-prep to teach your child.

Mapping words from sounds (phonemes) to symbols (graphemes) is the most efficient way to teach learners to read and spell. 

These worksheets are best used when you can say each word aloud to your child. They are not effective for independent work unless you are using them as a review.


Your learners will map digraph words by:

  1. Saying the picture name.
  2. Tapping the sounds on the black dots.
  3. Mapping the letter that spells each sound.
  4. Writing the word.

The digraphs in these worksheets include:

  • ch - initial and final
  • sh - initial and final
  • th - initial and final
  • wh
  • kn
  • ph - initial, medial, final
  • qu
  • wr
  • -ck

This resource includes:

  • 17 pages of single digraph practice
  • 6 pages of mixed digraph review
  • 23 pages of answer keys