R-Controlled Vowels Word Mapping Worksheets - Bossy R Worksheets

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Learning Bossy R has never been easier for your child. Use these R-Controlled vowel word mapping worksheets to make learning simple.

They are an easy and no-prep way to incorporate the science of reading into your literacy practice. Mapping words from sounds (phonemes) to symbols (graphemes) is the most efficient way to teach learners to read and spell.

Your learners will map r-controlled vowel words by:

  1. Saying the picture name.
  2. Tapping the 3-5 sounds.
  3. Mapping the letter or letters that spells each sound.
  4. Writing the word.

This is part of the WORD MAPPING BUNDLE. Save big with this resource.

The r-controlled worksheets are arranged by these patterns:

  • ar (3 pages)
  • er (2 pages)
  • ir (2 pages)
  • or (2 pages)
  • ur (2 pages)
  • mixed review with three phonemes (6 pages)
  • mixed review with four phonemes (3 pages)

These worksheets are best when you do them beside your child. Your child needs to hear you say the words aloud. The worksheets also include a few more nuanced rules:

  • serve (silent e follows v at end of words)
  • nurse (silent e follows s at the end of non-plural words)
  • hammer (double the consonant in a two-syllable word when first vowel is short)

This resource includes:

  • 11 pages of individual r-controlled words
  • 9 pages of mixed review
  • 20 pages of answer keys