Spelling Stress to Success Bundle

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Exhausted from hearing “Mom, how do I spell?”

Your child doesn’t know how to spell well because they have been taught well. That's no one's fault.

Leverage the Science of Reading to help your child spell and write better. Watch your child’s spelling confidence skyrocket when you implement sound, word, and sentence dictation.  

Ideal for new spellers in grades kindergarten through 2nd or struggling spellers through 5th grade


  • To spell individual sounds
  • The sounds with multiple spellings (ex long a has 8 spellings - a, ai, ay, ea, eight, etc)
  • to spell phonetically regular words with 40+ phonics patterns
  • To write sentences of increase length and complexity



1. How is it delivered?

This is a digital product. Nothing is shipped.

You will receive a link for a zipped file. Please verify you are able to unzip a file prior to purchasing.

2. My child is in 3rd grade. Where do I begin? 

It’s best to start with CVC words. If your child can spell these at 90-&5% accuracy, move to the next topic.

The word and sentence lists are carefully sequenced to build on each other.

3. What about sight words?

While the focus is on phonetically regular words, in the Sounds Word List, I’ve included sight words sorted by phonics sounds. 

As you teach a skill - like CVC words with short a, work on the sight words with short a. 

4. Is this product part of Sounds School?

No, it’s a companion to Sounds School and aligns with the strategies laid out in it.