Auditory Drill Template

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Discover the secret to automatic and effortless spelling for your child!

Spell requires a few skills - but a main one is writing the letter or letters that spell a sound.

Children with dyslexia must practice spelling sounds by themselves to develop mastery.  But most children benefit from this strategy.

You can have your child practice spelling sounds on a whiteboard, by these worksheets make it a lot easier.

These seasonal worksheets are compatible with any curriculum or program from your child's school or your homeschool. Teachers use these with Orton-Gillingham, All About Spelling, UFLI, and other Structured Literacy programs. 


  • the brain seeks out new experiences
  • children thrive with a structured routine
  • so trade out the worksheets every few weeks for the season
  • children like that the worksheets have a limited number of spaces - so they know practice has a firm end.


  • Call out sounds you've taught your class. For example, you could say /b/.
  • Your students repeat the sound /b/.
  • Students write the letter b on their worksheet.
  • Circulate and offer corrective feedback.
  • When you call a sound that has multiple spellings, your students write each spelling in a separate box. For example, if you call /ā/ (long a), your students write the graphemes (letters) a, a-e, ai, ay and any other variations they've learned from phonics.
  • Use in a dry erase sleeve to reuse but I also recommend you give students a hard copy and keep it for data at least once a month.

    NOTE: This is a companion resource to the Spelling Dictation Worksheets.


    You definitely didn't learn this in school.

    Depending on your region, there are around 44 sounds in English. They can be spelled from 1-8 different ways depending on the sound.

    Practicing the auditory drill, children build automatic recall all the sound-spellings. This also improves reading as encoding (spelling) is intertwined with decoding (sounding out).


    • 60 worksheets
    • 3 formats
    • 20 seasons


    • Seasonal picture with primary lines for one phoneme (great for kinder and handwriting practice)
    • Seasonal pictures with primary lines for 6-9 sound-spellings
    • Seasonal pictures with primary lines for 12-16 sound-spellings


    Apple (fall), pumpkin, pie (Thanksgiving), ornament (Christmas), snowflake, hat (winter), heart (Valentines), leprechaun (St. Patrick's Day), egg (Easter), Daisy, tulip (spring), sunflower, sunscreen (summer), pail, popsicle, shell, crayon box, (Back to School), glue