Decodable Word List for 3, 4, and 5 Sound Words

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Stop feeling lost about helping your child spell with sound-based word lists.

Helping your struggling speller is a breeze with these word lists by sounds. They are specially grouped by phonics skills, but also separated by the number of sounds. This helps your child learn to break apart words in a systematic way.

These list will be helpful for new and struggling spellers from kindergarten through 5th grade.


  • to spell over 40 specific phonics patterns
  • to break word into their sounds


  • know exactly which types of words your child needs to learn
  • have a resource to implement systematic review
  • stop being confused about spelling


  1. 4 pages
  2. over 80 lists
  3. over 40 phonics skills
  4. 220 Dolch Sight Words separated by phonics skills
  5. Helpful tips and instructions


1. How do I know where to start?

Inside there is a suggested sequence starting in kindergarten. If you're not sure what skills your child knows, start at the beginning. Do not tell an older child you are starting with a kindergarten list, just tell them you want to see how they can spell some words.

2. What about non-phonetic words?

Many sight words that schools say need to be memorized can be sounded out. Even those that aren't 100% phonetic still are based on sounds - the spelling is just a little unusual. Use the included Sight Words by Sounds pages to teach those word to your child while you're working on specific phonics skills to spell.

3. Is this shipped?

No this is a digital download of a pdf file. Nothing is shipped.

4. Do I need anything else to use these lists?

You need paper, pencil, a whiteboard and dry erase marker. This is a companion resource to the Spelling Dictation Worksheets.