Sound School and Word Mapping Bundle

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Finally, you can explain how to sound out tricky words!

No one taught you these essentials of English when you were in school, so it's hard to teach what you don't know!

You'll finally have a practical strategy to teach your child or students to read and spell the sounds. This no-fluff training and tools will get your learner results - fast!

Buy now for the best deal and Sound School will open its doors on January 9!


  • the 44 sounds in English (that you should have been taught in school)
  • why knowing the sounds is critical
  • the simple way to teach those sounds to your child or students
  • quick, daily routines to practice reading and spelling sounds


    • 13 on-demand video lessons - 100+ minutes total  ($59 value) 
    • SIMPLE Sounds and Spellings eBook ($19 value) 
    • Word Mapping Training ($29 value) 
    • Word Mapping Activity ($10 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

*Who is this for? 

Children from Prek to 5th grade, parents of struggling readers, parents who want to prevent reading difficulties, teachers who want to know how to support learners better

*Why didn't I learn this in school?

That is a long story. You might want to check out the podcast Sold a Story. But the Cliff Notes version...

Cognitive science about reading still hasn't made its way into schools of education in most universities. Reading theory, not reading science, dominates in most curriculum materials.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.