Phonics Skills Word Mapping Activity

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You want to help your child read and spell better but don't know where to start?

Then this is the perfect resource for you!

This comprehensive resource shows you how to teach your child phoneme-grapheme mapping. All this means is your child hears the sounds and then matches the letter or letters that spell those sounds. 

Using this method makes learning to read and spell so much easier and more efficient. You'll never have to wonder if you're teaching your child the right phonics skills. Plus, the answer keys show exactly how to map each of the 432 words included!

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  • Beginner readers (Kindergarten)
  • Developing readers (1st and 2nd grade)
  • Struggling readers (grades 3+) 


  • 34 pages of thematic word mapping mats to use with cards
  • 36 sets of phonics skill cards
  • 7 pages of answer keys
  • 8 bonus word mapping mats/templates for use with other words with up to 4 phonemes
  • 85 total pages 

16 thematic word mapping mats:

  1. apples
  2. pumpkins
  3. squirrels
  4. pine trees
  5. hot cocoa
  6. heart-shaped box of chocolates
  7. pot of gold
  8. Easter egg
  9. flower
  10. watermelon
  11. lemonade
  12. dinosaur feet
  13. gumball machine
  14. bee hives
  15. lily pads
  16. roads
  17. plain black and white

36 Sets Phonics Skills Cards (each set has 12 cards+)

  1. CVC short a
  2. CVC short e
  3. CVC short i
  4. CVC short o
  5. CVC short u
  6. CVC mixed review
  7. CVCE long a
  8. CVCE long i
  9. CVCE long o
  10. CVCE long u
  11. CVCE mixed
  12. Beginning L Blends
  13. Beginning R Blends
  14. Beginning S Blends
  15. Final L Blends
  16. Final M&N Blends
  17. Final S&T Blends
  18. Blends with final ck
  19. Words with blends and digraphs
  20. Digraphs mixed (X3 - 36 total cards)
  21. R-Controlled AR
  22. R-Controlled ER
  23. R-Controlled IR
  24. R-Controlled OR
  25. R-Controlled UR
  26. ai/ay
  27. ea/ee
  28. ie/igh
  29. oa/oe
  30. ue/iu/oo
  31. au/aw
  32. oi/oy
  33. ew/oo
  34. ou/ow

Do you need to see this in action? Check out the Word Mapping Workshop (this is included!)

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