Phonics Games for Reading and Spelling

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I hear this all the time: "Reading is getting better but spelling isn't."

Most parents (and teachers, too) aren't aware of the connection between reading and spelling. Reading involves decoding - breaking words apart into sounds. Spelling involves encoding - attaching letters to sounds to make words.

They have a two-way relationship. As your child improves in one area, they'll strengthen the other.

Enter Phonics Read and Spell Games.

These easy-to-play and super-engaging games almost trick children into learning. All of my own children and students love it.

You'll love how easy it is to print and set up. And even better, you'll love having a systematic way to practice phonics skills with your child.

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  • 20 seasonal and thematic board games
  • 74 phonics skills cards
  • Instructions


  • single sounds in groups of 6 with decodable words
  • CVC words
  • CVCe (magic e) words
  • Two-syllable words with CVC syllables and CVCe syllables
  • Consonant blends
  • Two-syllable words with blends
  • Consonant digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh)
  • Rules like FLOSS, -ck, -tch, -dge, and more
  • Bossy R words
  • Two syllable bossy R words
  • Vowel Teams like ee/ea, igh
  • Diphthongs like oi/oy/ou/ow
  • Other vowels oo/au/au/ew
  • Schwa
  • and more! (see the image for a complete list)

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