Word Mapping Workshop

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Confidently teach your child to map words with this short video training for beginners

Word mapping fast tracks learning to read and spell. It leverages the speech-to-print connection to make word learning permanent.

This on-demand training covers everything you need to teach word mapping to your child or students.

This training is for beginners and does not cover advanced phonics skills or multi-syllable words.


  1. why your child needs word mapping
  2. exactly what to say to your child
  3. how to map 9 different phonics skills


  1. 45-minute video training
  2. Word Mapping Activity (80+ pages of mapping mats, phonics cards, and answer keys)
  3. an interactive workshop component

Who is this for?

This is for beginners - not those experienced or confident in word mapping.

Is it included elsewhere?

Yes, it was a bonus to Sound School for Black Friday 2022 so don't purchase if it you got Sound School. I've continued to include it with Sound School. Learn more about Sounds School for Parents.

Can I watch it on the go?

Technically, yes. However, for one section there is a hands-on component to the workshop. I strongly recommend you do part three when you can use the materials in an interactive way.

How will I get this?

You'll receive a pdf download that includes the instructions for accessing the videos. It also includes the materials for the workshop and the Word Mapping Activity. You can watch the videos on any device with an internet browser and access.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. For personal home use or one teacher's use only.