Phonemic Awareness Worksheet Bundle

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YOUR CHILD CAN'T SOUND OUT WORDS? Start with phonemic awareness.

This problem makes its way into my inbox every week:

"My son is having trouble reading. He knows the letters but cannot sound out. Where do I start?"

My answer: ask them to tell you the sounds in the word "stamp." If they can't do it, you have to start with phonemic awareness.


  • Hear sounds in spoken language with rhyming and syllables.
  • Identify the beginning, ending, and middle sounds in words.
  • Separate a word into its individual sounds.



    1. Why are these better than free worksheets online or a book on Amazon?

    These phonemic awareness worksheets are organized by phonics skills. Research has found that when children hear sounds in words and can then connect them to letters, they learn to read faster and easier.

    Children who learn phonemic awareness not connected to phonics still improve, but more slowly.

    So you have a child who knows the letter B? Find the syllable worksheet for B and the ending sound worksheet for B. Bridging to phonics makes learning more permanent.

    2. What's a growing bundle?

    A growing bundle means some parts are available but not all. You get to purchase at a low price, and get all the updates for FREE!

    Right now, all six parts are finished and this bundle is complete.

    But a bonus part (manipulating sounds) is in the works and you'll get it for FREE.

    3. How will I get the updates?

    When I update this bundle, you'll automatically get an email with the newest worksheets for FREE!


    4. How do I print all of these worksheets?

    First, don't print them all at once. Decide on what skill you want to work on with your child. Just print a few worksheets at a time.

    Second, you need to check on HP Instant Ink. You can print 100 sheets a month for about $5.

    Digital download only. Nothing is shipped. You can start immediately without paying for shipping fees!