Vowel Sounds Worksheets - Medial Sounds Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

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Your child can handle consonant sounds like /t/ and /m/, but those pesky vowels can be so tricky! These worksheets give your child a deep dove into the 18 vowel sounds.
Vowel sounds are the trickiest part of reading words. These middle sounds worksheets help your students become really successful with phonemic awareness skills.

These middle sounds worksheets are sorted by vowel sounds. Does your child need practice with short a?
Just use the table of contents to find those worksheets, and then click print!

Working on the difference between short and long oo (like good and food)? There are a ton of worksheets for that!

Important Note: phonemic awareness is meant to be done out loud. Also, many phonics clip art pictures will be new vocabulary words for your child. I do not recommend this as independent work. Instead, use the scripts I provide and the picture keys to teach your child.

  • no prep
  • includes 18 vowel sounds
  • comes with scripts for each activity
  • Includes a variety of spellings for sounds
  • most of the worksheets are pictures only so your child is really focused on the sounds
  • use the letter worksheets to connect phonemic awareness to phonics

This bundle is jam-packed with over 100 pages of learning separated into 6 styles of worksheets:
  • Sound Show - magic show themed (color the pictures with the correct middle sound)
  • Color by Sounds - a color by code based on middle sounds
  • Roll-a-Sound: use a die to make hearing sounds into a game
  • Match the Letter: a cut and glue worksheet to match the middle letters to the picture with the sound
  • Do you hear it? sort: cut and glue the pictures based on whether it has the target middle vowel sound
  • Sound Sorting: sort pictures to three letter/letters based on middle sounds


These 18 vowel sounds are included:

  • short a
  • short e
  • short i
  • short o
  • short u
  • long a 
  • long e
  • long i
  • long o
  • long u
  • ar
  • er/ir/ur
  • or
  • short oo (good)
  • long oo (food)
  • oi
  • ou/ow
  • au/aw