Segmenting Words Worksheets

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The missing step for most struggling readers and spelling

When children have difficulty with reading, it is often because their phonemic awareness is weak. One part of this is breaking words into their sounds, or segmenting words. These easy-to-use worksheets are grouped by phonics skills to get your child reading faster.

Even non-teachers can use these. There are scripts you can use as you work with your child!

There are coloring, dot marker and cut and paste activities so there is plenty of variation for your child!

Your child will:

  • Break words into sounds
  • Identify the number of unique sounds in a word
  • Hear the target sound based on phonics skills

Worksheets included:

  • Say it, Color it worksheets (10 pages) - count and color
  • Say it, Dot it worksheets (30 pages) - dab or dot 
  • Pop the Sounds worksheets (20 pages) - use a pop it!
  • Segment & Sort worksheets (10 pages) - cut & glue
  • Color by Sounds worksheets (20 pages) - color by code

Plus there's also:

  • Detailed table of contents (2 pages)
  • Sample scripts for each worksheet (2 pages)
  • Picture and Answer Keys (7 pages)

Each worksheet focuses on one main phonics skill:



Can I find these worksheets anywhere else?

Yes, these are a part of the money-saving Phonemic Awareness Worksheet Bundle.

Do I have to be a teacher to use these?

No! I included scripts for each worksheet so you'll know exactly what to say to your child!

Where do I start?

Start with short vowel sounds or with consonant sounds. Remember the goal of these worksheets is for your child to hear and separate the sounds.

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