Summer Phonics Bundle

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Every phonics worksheet you need at your fingertips to help your struggling reader this summer.

You've heard your struggling reader needs more time? Guess what? They really just need more specific practice.

These teacher-created and parent-approved worksheets give your child the edge they need this summer - without you getting a Masters in Reading Science.

This Summer Phonics Review Bundle includes these worksheet packets:

You'll receive:

  • instant digital download
  • over 420 pages
  • over 30 phonics skills
  • dozens of worksheet types
  • 33+ phonics picture charts to use yearlong
  • answer keys
  • optional workbook covers


Question 1: How is this going to help my child or student?

Instead of guessing, these worksheets are carefully planned to encourage sounding out.  While your child will still need to read outloud this summer, these pages give you a guide to make sure your child knows all their phonics skills.

Question 2: We don’t have a ton of time this summer with camps and travel. How long will it take?

Hard truth - you need to make time because the longer you wait to help your child, the more time it will take to gain the skills and rebuild their confidence.

Each worksheet should take five minutes or less. I made them so I can actually implement them with my own neurodivergent children at home.

Question 3: When does it ship?

It doesn’t! So you don't have to pay for the shipping costs.

This is a digital product that you print at home or school.

Question 4: What kind of worksheets are included?

Your learner needs novelty and consistency. So across the bundles there are many different activities. But you'll also see the same time of activity used for different phonics skills. This builds routine to foster independence.

There are so many types of worksheets in this bundle: 

  • Cut & Glue Word Matching,
  • Cut & Glue Sound Sort,
  • Cut & Glue Words
  • Cut & Glue Pictures,
  • Read and Spell,
  • Read and Circle,
  • Roll and Circle,
  • Roll & Highlight,
  • Word Matching,
  • Color by Sound,
  • Color by Spelling Pattern,
  • Find the Rhyme,
  • Write the Sound,
  • Look-a-Like Words,
  • Look and Write,
  • Hear & Trace, and more!