Phonics Fun BIG Bundle Special Offer

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Say so long to reading time resistance with this great big games bundle!

Imagine your child looking forward to practicing phonics with you. Instead of complaining and tantrums, they ask when they can play next.

Most reluctant readers have really strong thinking skills and love strategy. So games are a simple way to hook their interest.

Besides better behavior, you're going to love how easy they are to use. Each game builds from letter sounds to simple words to more complex spelling patterns and phonics rules. By following the sequence, you have a fool-proof roadmap to phonics!

These phonics games are comprehensive - by reading and spelling these words, your child will have a solid grasp on phonics.


  • Read and reread words.
  • Learn sounds like /a/ and /m/ to complex patterns like -sion
  • Actually look forward to reading practice.
  • Stay engaged due to the strategy needed and the variety of games.


    • Phonics Box Game - the classic dots and boxes with a phonics twist ($29 value)
    • Phonics Four in a Row - a spin on a classic game with phonics fun ($29 value)
    • Phonics Board Games - roll, move, and read the words ($29 value)
    • Phonics Tic Tac Toe - builds vocabulary with the visuals ($18 value)
    • Phonics Roll & Read - your child reads 24 words without noticing! ($29 value)
    • BONUS: 4 editable templates $20 value (available 11/5/23)

      Frequently asked questions 

      Q1: Will this work if I'm not a teacher?

      Yes, there are directions for each type of game. This is perfect for busy parents because it's print-and-go. 

      There is no guesswork. Follow the order of the games (it's the same order in all five sets).

      You just print and play.

      Q2: How much time will this take?

      It will take a few minutes to download the file to your computer and unzip the file. Then you look at the table of contents to locate the skill your child needs. After that you print. So maybe 5 minutes to get started.

      The games themselves take 5-10 minutes.

      But you will save so much time because 1) your child won't get farther behind, 2) they will not fight you if reading is playing games, and 3) your child will develop better skills and need less help.

      Q3: How do I get this?

      This is a digital file (cough cough this is a printables shop after all).

      So you get an immediate download to print at home or school. Nothing will ship.

      Make sure you know how to unzip a file. This usually cannot be done on a phone and needs to be done on a computer.

      You can right-click on a PC or Mac and select the open to unzip or use the archive utility. There are videos on YouTube if you get stuck but it's very easy.

      Q4:  Isn't this a lot of ink?

      Yes - so just print what you need as you need it, or use the included black & white copies of the games.

      And you really need to check out HP instant ink! I print hundreds of full-color pages for $14.99/mo. There are plans starting at $4.99/mo.

      Q5: Are these editable? Can you send me the files so I can edit them?

      No, they are not editable. It violates the copyright of the clip artists. Plus it's my intellectual property. The risk of theft is too great a risk.

      As a bonus, I've included one editable template for PowerPoint. It also works in PowerPoint. Three more templates will be available on 11/5/23. The bonus is not sold separately.

      Q6: What's the refund policy?

      Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds.

      You can't return this and once it is in your possession, you'll always have a copy.

      Q7: Can I share these?

      These are your personal use only. For one household or one teacher only.

      This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

      This product is not eligible for additional coupons or discounts.