Math Bundle

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Resources you need to help your child with math at home

Math skills need systematic practice and review - that means they are not one-and-done topics for most kids.

But this bundle of teacher-made games and worksheets is done for you! Plus it takes the guesswork out of learning. 

This bundle has skills for preschoolers through 3rd graders (or higher)!

Your child will learn to ...

  1. Properly form the numbers
  2. Count groups from 0-30
  3. Put numbers in order from 1 -100.
  4. Add math facts from 0+1 through 9+9.
  5. Round numbers to the nearest 10s and 100s.
  6. Multiply numbers from 1x1 through 10x10.


  1. Learn to Write Numbers - $18
  2. Counting Cut & Glue - $6
  3. Number Order Cut & Glue - $4
  4. Addition Board Games - $7
  5. Rounding to 10s and 100s worksheets - $3.50
  6. Multiplication Facts Spin and Solve Games - $3.50

How will I get this?

It will come in a zipped folder. You cannot open it on most phones. Please use download link to save on computer and unzip or extract the files by right clicking on a PC or Mac.

How do I print all this?

Don't print it all at once. Just print one game or worksheet at a time. There are black and white options for every set. I recommend any parent who does learning at home look into HP Instant Ink for printing for just $5/mo.

Can you ship this to me?

I keep prices low by offering digital products.

Can I share this?

It is for your personal home or one classroom use only. You are not allowed to post it anywhere online or share with family or friends.