Addition Math Facts Board Games

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Learning addition math facts can be fun! This resource contains 27 full-color and 27 black and white board games.

But they are much better than any other math game you'll find.  This is because they are sequential and cumulative. 

Other math fact products will have 1+1 right next to 8+9 before your child has had adequate practice.

These board games are different! Level A contains the facts, 1+2, 2+1, 1+3, 3+1. Then Level B, contains those same facts and 1+1, 1+4, 4+1. 

So your child continues to review the learned facts as they build new knowledge.


  • directions
  • 27 color games
  • 27 black and white games


  • For best results, play with your child. Set aside five minutes a day.
  • Use dice to roll. Use a small game piece like a coin or a lego to be your place marker.
  • Set rules. Does someone miss their turn if they say the wrong sum? This is my favorite way to get my children to pay attention to my sums - because I purposefully make mistakes for them to catch!
  • You can also use the black and white versions like a worksheet. Prior to playing, your child can write the sums for all the problems.

For individual home use only or one classroom only. Digital download only.