Number Order Cut and Paste Worksheets

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Counting is important, developing a sense of how numbers related to each is critical!

Your child will develop number sense with these number order worksheets. They will use their place value and counting knowledge to put sets of numerals from 0-100 in order.

 With 20 themes, there is a worksheet that matches your child's interest or the season.

There are 40 worksheets to choose from:

  • start with 1-10,
  • then move to larger numbers as your child is ready

These cut and paste worksheets grow with your child with numbers from 1-10 to 91 - 100.

 There are visual directions for your beginning readers. The location to paste is explicit with an empty rectangle. Work on math and scissor skills!


  • 40 pages
  • 20 themes
  • each theme includes 1-10 and an additional set from 11-100.


  1. Pumpkins
  2. Christmas Lights
  3. Gumballs
  4. Racecars
  5. Books
  6. Cupcakes
  7. Llamas
  8. Crayons
  9. Cookies
  10. Photos
  11. Party hats
  12. Pizza
  13. Apples
  14. Frogs
  15. Flowers
  16. Sun
  17. Rain
  18. Leaves
  19. Mittens
  20. Hearts

Digital download only. For personal home use or individual classroom only.