Valentine's CVC Color by Number Worksheets

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Learn to read CVC words with adorable Valentine's Color by Number worksheets!

Your child will love spelling and reading CVC words with these print-and-go Valentine's worksheets. You will love how these are the fast lane to reading and spelling!

First, your child will map each CVC word by:

  • Saying the picture name.
  • Tapping the three sounds.
  • Writing the letter that spells each sound.
  • Reading the word.

Next, your child will:

  • Read those same CVC words,
  • Match them to the correct picture, and
  • Color according to the code.

You can also find these worksheets in the money-saving CVC Color by Number Bundle!

The Valentines Color by Code pictures are:

  • small hearts
  • large heart
  • cupcakes
  • flowers
  • cards and candy
  • lovebug

The CVC words are arranged in word families in this CVC resource:

  • -at: cat, pat, sat, bat, rat, hat, mat
  • -ed: bed, led, wed, fed, red
  • –eg: leg, beg, peg
  • -id: lid, hid, rid, kid
  • -it: hit, kit, bit, pit
  • -ob: job, rob, sob
  • -ot: dot, cot, hot, pot
  • -um: hum, yum, sum
  • -ut: cut, hut, nut
  • Mixed CVC: sad, pad, web, rib, bib, mom, cup, pup

This resource includes:

  • one cover to make a packet (optional)
  • 6 pages of Valentine's CVC Word Mapping
  • 6 pages of Valentine's CVC Color by Code
  • 12 pages of answer keys

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