CVCE Long Vowel Summer Review Worksheets

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Build skillful reading this summer.

CVCE and CCVCE Phonics Summer Worksheets will give you a fool-proof plan to helping your reader this summer

With over 70 pages of intentionally planned phonics activities, watch your child’s confidence soar as they read words like lake, ripe, cone, and flute. Carefully sequenced to follow a phonics scope and sequence, this is the fourth packet in the Summer Phonics Bundle.

This is part of the money saving Phonics Summer Review Bundle.


  • CVCE long a
  • CVCE long i
  • CVCE long o
  • CVCE long e
  • CVCE long u /yoo/
  • CVCE long u /oo/


  • immediate digital download so you don't pay shipping fees
  • 79 pages so your child gets the repetition they need
  • Picture Keys so you don't have to guess the correct word
  • Phonics Skills Picture Charts to extend the learning
  • 10+ Worksheet Formats to build both novelty and independence
  • Optional Cover so you can DIY a workbook


Question 1: How is this going to help my child or student?

These phonics worksheets were carefully designed to follow a phonics scope and sequence. Your child won't have to sound out words that they haven't been given the skills to read

Plus you can pinpoint exactly what they need to know and target that.

Question 2: We don’t have a ton of time this summer with camps and travel. How long will it take?

Each worksheet should take five minutes or less. I made them so I can actually implement them with my own children at home.

But here's the truth about struggling readers -  the longer you wait, the longer it will take. So make time this summer.

Question 3: When does it ship?

It doesn’t. This is a digital product that you print at home or school.

Question 4: What kind of worksheets are included?

The worksheets in this packet include: Color by Word Family, Sounds Cut and Glue, Rhyming Words, Look-a-Like Words, Reading Words, Matching Words, Picture Match Cut and Glue, Roll and Trace, CVCE Maze, I-Spy, Search and Spell, Word Mapping, and Sentence Cut and Glue.