Numbers Dot Marker Printables

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Your child won't believe they are learning math with these engaging Dab and Dot Worksheets. Your child will use bingo daubers also called dot markers to mark numbers 0 - 18.

There are several important skills your child will develop with the Numbers Dot Marker Printables:

  • Number identification
  • Number recognition
  • Subitizing (understanding the value of a number)
  • Addition with 2 numbers (ie. 3+5)
  • Addition with 3 numbers (ie.. 3+5+4)


You can:

  • Call out a numeral and your child will dab it
  • Display an addition or subtraction problem on a whiteboard and your child can dab the answer

Your child can roll and dab:

  • 1 die for the worksheets with numerals 1-6,
  • 2 dice for the worksheets with numerals 2-12, and
  • 3 dice for the numerals 3-18.

Please note that there are no instructions on these worksheets as they are designed to be open-ended.

The same 120+ thematic pictures are also available in these sets:

 This pack includes these themes perfect for preschool and elementary grades:

  • camping,
  • construction,
  • treats & snacks,
  • racecars,
  • dinosaurs,
  • garden,
  • pet,
  • sports,
  • plants
  • health,
  • solar system,
  • insects,
  • weather,
  • fruits,
  • school supplies,
  • ocean animals,
  • toys,
  • transportation,
  • farm
  • zoo animals
  • people
  • seasonal/holidays.

This is a digital file. Nothing will be shipped. For personal home use or one classroom only.