Alphabet Dab and Dot Marker Worksheets

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Letter recognition and learning the alphabet is so much fun with dot marker printable worksheets.

Your child will use bingo daubers (also called dot markers) to dot the letters or letter sounds. The worksheets include capital and lowercase letters (this varies by theme).

Please note there are no written instructions on these worksheets as they are open-ended and can be used in countless ways:

  • Call out the letters on each sheet and your child will dot them.
  • Ask your child to dot the initial or final sound they hear in words you say.
  • Place alphabet magnets in a basket or bowl and have your child draw one and dot the letter.

The same 120+ thematic pictures are also available in these sets:

  • Dot Marker Worksheets (with blank dots)
  • Number Dot Marker Worksheets (filled with the numerals 1-18)
  • Complete Dot Marker Worksheets Bundle (this is a huge savings)

This pack includes these themes perfect for preschool and elementary grades:

  • camping,
  • construction,
  • treats & snacks,
  • racecars,
  • dinosaurs,
  • garden,
  • pet,
  • sports,
  • plants
  • health,
  • solar system,
  • insects,
  • weather,
  • fruits,
  • school supplies,
  • ocean animals,
  • toys,
  • transportation,
  • farm
  • zoo animals
  • people
  • seasonal/holidays.

Digital download only. For individual home use or one classroom only.