Breathing Cards

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When your child is upset, do you ask them to take a deep breath? If you meet resistance, you're not alone.

No one likes being told to calm down when they are upset. Children want to be validated just like adults.

The problem is they need to be calm enough to have a conversation. The easiest way to do that is to make sure your child has a lot of skills for taking deep breaths.

The Taking Breaths Task Cards allow you to give your child hands-on practice with taking different types of breaths:

  • Rainbow breaths

  • Butterfly breaths

  • Snake breaths

  • Birthday breaths

  • Flower breaths

  • Bubble breaths

These fun names and cute graphics make taking breaths enjoyable for your child.

Each type of breath comes with three variations:

  • 3 card practice (to laminate and velcro)

  • 5 card practice (to laminate and velcro)

  • 5 spots to check off (laminate or use a dry erase sleeve and marker)

This is a digital product you will assemble at home. There are instructions included. If you'd like an already assembled Velcro set of 6 cards ($15 plus shipping), email me at and I'll see if I can accommodate your request.

For individual home use or one classroom only.