Writing Bundle

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Did you know writing is the most complicated skill for children? They need to be able to effortlessly form their letters, decide on a topic to write about, formulate the language to express it in a sentence, and then spell those words.

That doesn't even include the grammar skills or writing multiple sentences on a topic!

So these 10 writing packs will help your children develop and practice writing skills this summer (and year-long, too). These fun and whimsical themes correspond with the free summer camp at home plan available on the website:

  • Bugs, 
  • Construction, 
  • Dinosaurs, 
  • Flowers, 
  • Fourth of July, 
  • Frogs, 
  • Ice Cream, 
  • Ocean, 
  • Space, and 
  • Super Hero.

In all, that's over 220+ pages that you can use for years with your children.

The skills include:

  • tracing lines and shapes
  • tracing select capital letters
  • tracing select lowercase letters 
  • cut, paste, and copy sentence 
  • cut & paste a scene & write an original sentence 
  • write a paragraph or story.

Parent tips and instructions in every packet, too!

Digital download only. For individual home use or one classroom only.