Turkeys in Disguise Writing

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This Turkey in Disguise persuasive writing activities are no-prep for you and tons of fun for your child!

Using writing to persuade people is a grade-level standard. These writing activities are for children in approximately 2nd through 4th grade.

It doesn't matter what level your child can write at - there is a planning sheet (called a graphic organizer) and a writing sheet that is appropriate for them. Whether your child needs an extra challenge or extra help - it is there!

Plus it's fun! Children are instantly engaged when they think about disguising a turkey at Thanksgiving!

There are assignments to disguise a turkey as a:

  • unicorn,
  • superhero,
  • pumpkin, or
  • cow.

For each disguise, you'll find a planning page called a graphic organizer at these levels:

  • Easiest: Write 3 supporting reasons
  • Harder: Write an opinion statement, 3 supporting reasons, and an ending opinion statement.
  • Hardest: Write an opinion statement, 3 supporting reasons and 3 examples/explanations, and an ending opinion statement. 

Your child will use the planning page to then write a paragraph on these levels:

  • Easiest: Complete sentence stems in a paragraph
  • Harder: Write a paragraph with 3 supporting reasons.
  • Hardest: Write an 8-sentence paragraph with reasons and examples.

Your child will get a lot of practice with persuasive writing with these fun turkey worksheets.