Thanksgiving Color by CVC Words Worksheets

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How do you get your child to practice reading CVC words without the battles?

Color by CVC Words!

Just like Color by Number, your child follows a simple code to color a mystery picture.  But it gets even better because your child will first map the CVC words with the included worksheet.

Word mapping is the fast track to reading fluently. Your child will map CVC words on these cute Thanksgiving printables by:

  • Saying the picture name.
  • Tapping the three sounds.
  • Writing the letter that spells each sound.
  • Reading the word.

Then your child will:

  1. Read those same CVC words,
  2. Match them to the correct picture, and
  3. Color according to the code.

The Thanksgiving Color by Code pictures are:

  • turkey
  • Mayflower
  • Pilgrim boy
  • Pilgrim girl
  • pie
  • turkey on platter

The CVC words are arranged in word families in this CVC resource:

  • ag family: gag, wag, nag, bag, tag, rag
  • ip family: dip, nip, hip, sip, rip, tip, zip
  • et family: bet, get, net, set, jet, pet, vet
  • og family: bog, fog, jog, hog, dog, log, cog
  • um family: gum, hum, sun
  • un family: sun, bun, nun
  • am family: yam, ram, jam, ham
  • ab family: tab, cab, lab

This resource includes:

  • one cover to make a packet (optional)
  • 6 pages of Thanksgiving CVC Word Mapping
  • 6 pages of Thanksgiving CVC Color by Code
  • 12 page of answer keys

Digital download only. For one individual classroom or home use only.