Sight Word Read and Spell List 5

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You've heard that sight words are important for your child to learn to read? That's true! But there is a better way than memorizing.

Sight words are really high-frequency words that occur a lot in English like "the" and "had."

A lot of sight words can be completely decoded and spelled using phonics. So instead of hundreds of repetitions to memorize, your child can master them in just one to four exposures.

This printable pack covers words 81 - 100 of the 220 Dolch sight word list.


You'll start by helping your child connect sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes).

Begin by helping your child sound map the tricky or irregular words like "from" and "want" with the worksheet and answer key provided. This way your child will hear that most of the sounds in from and want are spelled normally and the vowels are the only tricky or new parts to learn! 

Then your child will use the 20-page workbook to master reading and spelling these important sight words. Your child will color the bubble letter for the words red, yellow, and green to show the easy-to-learn spellings, not-yet-learned patterns, and the trickier patterns.


  • Word Mapping worksheet and answer key (2 pages)
  • Workbook plus cover and growth mindset affirmations (22 pages)
  • Flashcards (2 pages)
  • One-page fridge sheet (1 page)
  • Optional spelling test page (1 page)
  • A certificate of completion (1 page)
  • Parent instruction pages (2 pages)
  • 31 total pages