Sight Word Read and Spell List 11

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Learning sight words can be easy. And your child doesn't need to memorize!

What's the shortcut?

Start by saying each word aloud for your child. Show them how to write the sounds they hear.  This hack is called word mapping and it's the most efficient way to learn to read and spell words.

The Dolch words are the 220 most frequently used words in English. This list covers words 201-220

This printable pack can be bound into a workbook, and your child can color the easy decodable parts (green), more tricky decodable parts (yellow), and the irregular words (red).

Here's what's included:

  • 2 pages of directions for parents
  • 1 page of word mapping plus an answer key
  • 22-page workbook with a cover, growth mindset affirmations, and one page for each of the 20 words
  • 2 pages of flash cards
  • 1 page certificate for your child to color (optional)
  • word list and spelling test
  • 31 total pages


Digital download only. For one individual classroom or home use only.