Sight Word Read and Spell List 10

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Do you want to hear a secret about sight words? Your child doesn't need to memorize the sight words.

There is a faster and easier way with word mapping and color-coding the spelling patterns based on phonics. This way your child can learn them in a few exposures instead of needing hundreds of repetitions through memorization,

This printable pack covers words 181-200 of the 220 Dolch sight word list.

You will:

  • helping your child connect sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes).
  • show your child how to sound map the tricky or irregular words like "of" and "the"  (answer key provided).

Your child will:

  • use the 20-page workbook to master reading and spelling these important sight words.
  • color code the bubble letters for the word red or green to show the easy-to-learn spellings and the trickier patterns.


  • Word Mapping worksheet and answer key (2 pages)
  • Workbook and cover (21 pages)
  • Flashcards (2 pages)
  • One-page fridge sheet (1 page)
  • Optional spelling test page (1 page)
  • A certificate of completion (1 page)
  • Parent instruction pages (2 pages)
  • 30 total pages

Digital download only. For personal home or individual classroom use only.