Short Vowel & Digraph Sight Word Bundle

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Sight words and phonics don't need to be separate lessons. Leverage the power of sound-letter mapping (word mapping) to learn words fast.

The price will increase when each set of printables is added until it reaches full price. Buy now for the low price and you get all the additional sets for free when they are added!

This bundle will be complete in August and contain all these sight words:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • Short i
  • Short o - included in download
  • Short u - included in download
  • Consonant Digraphs

When complete, it will contain 120 pages: 

  • 78 worksheets (one for each word)
  • 18 pages of answer keys and instructions
  • 12 pages flashcards
  • 12 pages cumulative review 

Digital Download only. For personal home use or one classroom only.