Rhyming Worksheets for Thanksgiving

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This simple rhyming activity gets your students practicing phonological awareness in a festive way.  

All your child does is look at the word on the turkey's stomach. Then color in the feathers that have a rhyming word.

Since the directions are the same, your child will be independent with these worksheets in no time.  You can fold laundry or wash the dishes while your child works on these beside you.

Rhyming is best when heard out loud - so make sure your child hears the words and repeats them. The answer keys clear up any confusion about the pictures.



  • 25 pages of worksheets
  • 25 pages of answer keys



  • at, an ap
  • ed, et, en
  • ig, ip, it
  • og, op, ot
  • ug, un, ut
  • ake, ate
  • eak, eep
  • ide, ine
  • oat, ow
  • oom, oon