Real Life Routines Editable Chart Templates

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Find routine charts that finally work for your real life

There's one thing parents have told me:

They love routine charts. But once they start using them, they find that they need to make some small tweaks for their children.


These routine charts are totally editable. You can change:

  • Schedule order
  • Schedule times
  • Child's name
  • Add different pictures
  • Reword the tasks

And if you're not tech-savvy, don't worry! You just use the free Canva app (affiliate link)

All you do is open the pdf I email you, and there are links to VIDEOS where I walk you through how to:

  • set up an account
  • open the editable templates
  • rename and save them
  • edit the text for scheduled times, names, and tasks
  • search for free pictures


  • morning routine template ($7 value)
  • after-school routine template  ($7 value)
  • bedtime routine template  ($7 value)
  • three instructional videos ($17 value)
  • 2 Daily Schedule Templates ($10 value)

    Once you learn how to edit one routine template, you can really make any type of chart your child needs:

    • Toothbrushing
    • Hair styling
    • Bathing
    • Instrument practice
    • OT/PT/Speech Therapy practice
    • Backpack checklist
    • Cleaning room checklist
    • Chores routine checklist
    • The possibilities are endless

    I sell one-page custom-made routines for $5 each. By investing a small amount of money now and less than 15 minutes learning to edit, you will save yourself SO MUCH MONEY, TIME, AND STRESS!