Phonics Assessments for Reading and Spelling

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Quickly pinpoint what your child doesn't know

Wondering where to start with working on reading at home or in the classroom?  You won't feel stuck again with these comprehensive assessments. Instead you'll feel confident as they guide you through phonics skill in both reading and spelling.

With over 300 pages of assessments, you'll have every resource you need to assess your struggling readers.

WHY SPELLING AND READING: Research is revealing that spelling is important for automatic word recognition. Encoding (spelling) and decoding (sounding out) are intertwined. As one improves, the other becomes stronger.

BONUS USE: I've started printing the reading page for learners for my tutoring students or small groups at school too. These don't always have to be used as assessments. They are plain enough to practice pages for older students and even adults!

You'll be able to:

  • quickly identify weakness in phonics skills
  • make the connection between reading and spelling
  • build skills in a systematic way


  • letter sounds
  • mixed CVC
  • Mixed blends

If those are strong, move on but if not cycle back through:

  • CVC
  • beginning blends
  • ending blends
  • two blends

The remain skills are:

  • consonant digraphs
  • floss, -ck, tch, dge,, nk, ng
  • closed and open two syllable words
  • soft c/g + 2 syllables c/g
  • bossy r (ar, er, ir, or, ur, and 2 syllable words with bossy r)
  • kind old words
  • vowel team (ai/ay, ee/ea, igh, tricky y, oe,oa, ow)
  • other vowels (oi/oy/ou/ow/au/aw/oo/ew) 
  • 2 syllable words with vowel teams
  • advanced long a and long e 
  • suffixes (ed, ing, sion, tion, and more)

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