Life Cycles Bundles

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Can your child explain things to you in a logical order? Or do they struggle with sequences?

Or maybe you've heard from the teacher that your child is having difficulty with writing paragraphs?

The Life Cycles Writing Bundle will help!

First, most children are naturally interested in plants and animals. So it's motivating to learn about them.

Then, it's designed to help children of a variety of ages and skill levels:

  • Explain a sequence in a logical order
  • Develop vocabulary 
  • Use sequence words like first, then, and next
  • Plan their writing
  • Write in order 

Each life cycle contains:

  • a full-color sequencing activity (3 pages)
  • worksheets for sequencing (3 pages of different levels)
  • an 8-page mini-booklet for your students (2 formats for easy copying)
  • 6 full-color vocabulary cards
  • vocabulary worksheets (2 different levels)
  • writing pages (4 pages for different levels)

There are 12 life cycles included:

  • watermelon
  • sunflower
  • apple
  • pumpkin
  • turkey
  • penguin
  • snowy owl
  • frog
  • butterfly
  • sea turtle
  • bee
  • salmon

Digital download only. One zipped file. Right-click on your computer to unzip the file

For one individual home or classroom only.