Hands-On Handwriting Bundle

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Your child will finally want to practice handwriting!

Before your child can write with pencil, they need to establish good habits. These hands-on handwriting activities focus on proper letter formation and pencil grip.

Road Letters and Numbers printables give you a script to coach your child with verbal prompts. For best results, say those aloud to your child.


  1. Develop good pencil grip
  2. Where to begin each letter
  3. Proper letter formation
  4. Correct number formation


  1. Road Letters and Numbers ($6.50)
  2. Christmas Alphabet Q-tip Painting ($3.50)
  3. Beach Alphabet Q-tip Painting ($4)
  4. Alphabet Q-tip Painting ($4)

Are these in other bundles? 

Just Alphabet Q-tip Painting is included in the Everything Alphabet Bundle, too.

Will this be shipped to me?

These are an instant digital download. Nothing will be shipped to you.

How do I access these printables?

They come in a zipped folder. Use the download link provided to save to your computer. On a Mac, right-click and select "Open with Archive." On a PC, right-click and select "Extract." On some iPhones, you can save to your downloads and unzip. Please be certain you can access files prior to purchasing.

Can I share these?

They are for your personal use only - in your home or classroom. They are not to be shared school-wide or posted online anywhere.