Halloween CVC Words Color by Number Worksheets

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You can turn your child's Halloween excitement into some reading practice. Color by Number Worksheets for CVC words builds coloring and reading skills.


These worksheets also include word mapping. Hearing words aloud and connecting them to sounds speeds up reading. 

Your child will map CVC words on these adorable Halloween printables by:

  • Saying the picture name.
  • Tapping the three sounds.
  • Writing the letter that spells each sound.
  • Reading the word.

Then your child will:

  • Read those same CVC words,
  • Match them to the correct picture, and
  • Color according to the code.

The CVC words are arranged in word families in this CVC resource:

  • ad family: fad, bad, mad, sad, dad, pad
  • ap family: map, lap, sap, tap, gap, nap, cap
  • ot family: pot, rot, dot, cot, hot, jot
  • ed family: bed, fed, red
  • eg family: leg, beg, peg
  • in family: kin, pin, bin, win, tin, fin
  • ug family: rug, mug, jug
  • ub family: cub, tub, sub


This printable includes:

  • one cover to make a packet (optional)
  • 6 pages of Halloween CVC Word Mapping
  • 6 pages of Halloween CVC Color by Code
  • 12 page of answer keys
  • 25 total pages