Fall Color by Blends Worksheets

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Your child will have so much fun coloring the Fall Color By Blends Worksheets. Working on those tricky consonant blends has never been easier.

Plus this printable pack has two level worksheets for each type of blend word.  

  • If your child is beginning to read blends, they can use the worksheet that only has 6-8 blends words per page
  • If your child is excelling at reading blends, they can use the worksheet that has 30-50 blend words per page.  

This printable pack includes:

  • an optional packet cover
  • 6 color by code pictures with 6-8 blends words (leaf in the corner)
  • 6 color by code pictures with 30-50 blend words (pumpkin in the corner).
  • 1 review color by code pictures that includes a mix of initial and final blends for students to color by short vowel sound.
  • 13 pages of answer keys
  • 27 total pages

The Fall Color by Blends includes these pictures:

  • squirrel
  • pumpkins
  • scarecrow
  • apples
  • leaves and acorns
  • sunflower
  • bird 

Beginner leaf level includes these words:

  • Initial L-blends: blocks, clap, flag, plane, slide, glass
  • Initial R-blends: bread, tree, grapes, drum, fries, crown
  • Initial S-blends: stool, scarf, skunk, spoon, snail, smile
  • Final T-blends: ghost, gift, sculpt, belt, act
  • Final L-blends: film, kelp, golf, fold, milk
  • Final S-blends: nest, mask, grasp
  • Final M-blends: palm, lamp
  • Final N-blends: hand, wing, sink, cent


More challenging pumpkin level includes words with these blends:

  • Initial L-blends: bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, gl
  • Initial R-blends: br, tr, gr, dr, fr, cr
  • Inital S-blends: st, sc, sk, sp, sn, sm
  • Final T-blends: -st, -ft, -pt, -lt, -ct
  • Final L-blends: -lm, -lp, -lf, -ld, -lk
  • Final S-blends: - st, -sk, -sp
  • Final M-blends: -mp, -lm
  • Final N-blends: -nd, ng, nk, nt

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