CVC Words Hands-On Mats

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Teach your child CVC words the hands-on way! Learning to read is breaking the code of how letters represent speech sounds. Your child will learn faster when you go from speech to print. 

Here's how to use them:

  1. You say the picture word aloud (answer key included for you!)
  2. Your child repeats the word.
  3. Your child will tap and segment the sounds
  4. Your child use letters magnets or beads to spell each sound.
  5. Finally, your child will read the word. 


  • 148 total word mats
  • 12 short a CVC word mats
  • 12 short e CVC word mats
  • 12 short i CVC word mats
  • 12 short o CVC word mats
  • 12 short u CVC word mats
  • 88 mixed CVC words mats

For individual home use or one classroom use only. Digital download only.