CVC Word Ladder Worksheets

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Word ladders, or word chains, are an easy and effective way to teach phonemic awareness and phonics to your child. It's a shortcut to learning how to read.


With these print-and-go worksheets, you will teach your child to hear phonemes (sounds) and write the graphemes (letters) that spell those sounds.


These are best done in with your child so you can say the words aloud to your child.


Your learners complete the CVC Word Ladders by:

  1. Saying the picture name.
  2. Tapping the three sounds.
  3. Isolating the sound that changes (beginning, middle, or final).
  4. Mapping the letter that spells each sound.
  5. Reading the word.
  6. Writing the word.


Please see the thumbnails for an up-close look at how the word chains work.


This resource includes:

  • 20 pages of CVC word chains/word ladders
  • 20 pages of answer keys