Clean Room Checklist

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Ask any child to go clean your room and you probably won't get the results you want.

If you have a child with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or other learning issues, they'll find it even more challenging.

So what can a busy parent do?

You can grab this digital download to make your own Velcro Clean My Room Checklist.

Separating a big project (cleaning a bedroom) into small steps (first put away stuffed animals) set your child up for success.

AND, it teaches them the beginning of life-long project management skills. Learning to chunk tasks is a key to adult success.

This digital download includes:

  • how to assemble

  • how to actually teach your child to clean their room

  • one chart with 10 chore cards

The chores are:

  1. make bed

  2. put away stuffed animals

  3. put away books

  4. put away toys

  5. put away clothes

  6. put away dress up

  7. throw out trash

  8. gather dishes

  9. put away dirty laundry

  10. tidy up desk

See a chore you need that's not listed? Send an email to anne@ and I'll see if I can add it!

This digital download is for one family's personal home use only. If you need a professional license to use with multiple families, please email me.