Blends Color by Number for Winter

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Phonics practice with your child can be fun!

Blends can be tricky because two consonant sounds are said together. These Winter Color By Blends Worksheets engage your child will coloring while reading.

This also includes Word Mapping. This is the fast track for teaching your child to read and to spell.

It also includes two levels for each worksheet  - a beginner level and a more challenging level.

This printable packet includes:

  • an optional packet cover
  • 8 word mapping worksheets
  • 6 color by code pictures differentiated to read 6-8 blends words (snowflake in the corner)
  • 6 color by code pictures differentiated read 30-50 blend words AND isolating initial or final sound to follow the key (hat in the corner).
  • 2 review color by code pictures that includes a mix of initial and final blends
  • 22 pages of answer keys
  • 45 pages total

The Winter Color by Blends includes these pictures:

  • penguin
  • mittens
  • birdhouse
  • scarf and hat
  • snowman
  • igloo
  • cocoa
  • snowglobe


Beginner snowflake includes these words:

  • Initial R-blends: brain, cream, draw, frog, grass, prize, tray
  • Initial L-blends: blend, claw, flake, glove, plus, sled
  • Initial S-blends: scan, skip, smash, snow, sports, stir
  • Initial mixed review: clip, flat, globe, crust, print, spot, swim, stack
  • Final T-blends: bolt, raft, wept, tent, list, text
  • Final L-blends: hold, wolf, elk, melt
  • Final S-blends: whisk, clasp, vest
  • Final M-blends: dump, film
  • Final N-blends: ant, wand, ring, bank


More challenging hat level includes a variety of words with these blends.

  • Initial L-blends: bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, gl
  • Initial R-blends: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
  • Initial S-blends: sc, sk, sm, an, sp, st
  • Final T-blends: -st, -ft, -pt, -lt, -ct, -nt
  • Final L-blends: -ld, -lf, -lt, -lk
  • Final S-blends: - st, -sk, -sp
  • Final M-blends: -mp, -lm
  • Final N-blends: -nd, ng, nk, nt


Note: nk and ng are welded sounds but included with blends sometimes

For home use or one classroom only. Digital download only.